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About Usborne Books & Kane Miller Books

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As a PaperPie Brand Partner, we offer Usborne books, Kane Miller books and SmartLab Toys. Explore below to learn what is unique about each of those brands.

Usborne Books

Many parents and educators highly recommend Usborne books. Usborne Publishing have earned numerous awards and favorable book reviews for Usborne books.

About Usborne Books

Since 1973, Usborne publishing has been producing award-winning titles that have been favorites for generations. Usborne books are produced to the highest possible standards with the utmost care and attention given at every stage of production. Usborne books have passed strict safety standards and follow ethical policies. But yet our books are very reasonably priced – 80% of our over 2,000+ titles are under $10!

Usborne pioneered a completely new generation of entertaining, colorful and friendly non-fiction books. Usborne uses the latest educational research and conducts studies with children to ensure that Usborne books truly are…
“The Books Kids Love to Read!”

Usborne’s Step-by-Step Visual Instructions

Our son with his Usborne Make This Model Greek Temple. He constructed it on his own without being able to read!!

With Usborne book’s visual step-by-step instructions, projects in Usborne books can be accomplished by non-readers – giving them a sense of accomplishment and building their self-esteem.

Educational Value of Usborne Books

• Each subject is researched to ensure info is accurate.
• Subjects are presented with usual clarity and conciseness.
• Many “hands-on” projects for students to “test” concepts.
• Puzzles interspersed for problem-solving & comprehension.
• Dot-to-dot series displays a number line on bottom of page.
• Questions are asked to stimulate curiosity.
• The text is accompanied by full-color pictures and diagrams to help one “see”, for example, what a Viking settlement looked like or how an engine works.

See Inside Usborne Publishing

Take a tour of Usborne Publishing in London to find out how an Usborne book is created. A rare peek behind the doors of the UK’s leading independent children’s book publisher!

Discover the FUN of Reading!


Kane Miller Books

Kane Miller books have also earned numberous awards and accolades – and comprise the majority of PaperPie’s fiction chapter books and picture books.  

List of Awards Earned by Kane Miller - EDC Publishing

Kane Miller Books… The Shine-A-Light Books

Kane Miller books also include a few fun non-fiction books like our Shine-a-Light series… shine a flashlight behind the page and pictures appear by “magic”!


Picture Books & Chapter Books  

that touch the heart

The philosophy behind Kane Miller books is to introduce children to books from other countries, communities and cultures. Kane Miller books have many thought provoking books that are ideal for reading aloud as discussion starters to share positive values naturally with children.

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