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SAVE with Usborne’s Combined Volumes

A combined volume is a book where Usborne Publishing has combined several books from the same series into one volume to save you money.

For example… One of our best sellers is Usborne’s Ted and Friends. It is one book that contains 12 of the phonics stories that are $6.99 each. Instead of spending $83.88 for these 12 titles if purchased indivdually, you save $63 with the Ted and Friends combined volume.

SAVE with Usborne’s Boxed Sets

Usborne Publishing has packaged together some Usborne books in a series as a boxed set. The savings vs buying these Usborne books individually can be quite significant!

For example… The Usborne Phonics Readers boxed set has 20 of the individual Phonics Readers books for $69.99. If each book was purchased separately for $6.99 each it would be $140 for 20 books. A boxed set = a $70 savings for the same Phonics Readers books!

The Usborne Peek Inside Box Set includes 6 of the board books out of the Peek Inside series for only $49.99. Each of the Peek Inside board books if purchased separately are $11.99 each which would be $72 for 6 books. It is a $22 savings for the Usborne Peek Inside boxed set.


SAVE with Collections

We also offer a collection of Usborne books or Kane MIller books in a series that are sold at a discount as a collection versus buying the all the titles individually.

See all collections of Usborne books and Kane Miller books available with – Becky Dean, PaperPie Brand Partner


SAVE with Customer Specials

For every $40 of retail books purchased, you are eligible to purchase one customer special. For example, if your order is $120 you would be eligible to purchase 3 customer specials.

The discounted Usborne books and Kane Miller books that are a customer special vary from month to month – and depending on the month/books featured, are up to 50% off.

Customer specials are not available on book fairs or for schools or libraries paying with a Purchase Order.


SAVE with Weekly Deals

We offer discounted Usborne books and Kane Miller books as Weekly Deals online. The titles vary, but there is no limit as to how many you can purchase. Weekly Deals are a great way to stock up on Birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and anytime fun books. Plus, you can combine them with our Customer Specials!

Earn FREE Books

Host a PaperPie Party

Hosting a PaperPie Party online with us is a FUN way to earn your Usborne books and Kane Miller books for FREE! Host rewards start with a $100 party (so yes, you can be your own party).

Online parties are a way you can reconnect with friends “virtually” online while learning how to keep your kids reading for a lifetime. We also offer an online PaperPie Party catalog version.

Do you have a favorite charity? Hosting a charity PaperPie Party to raise funds and/or free books for the charity of your choice is a wonderful way to give back to your community.


Save Money and Make Money with PaperPie!

Activating an account with PaperPie is how you can get your Usborne books and Kane Miller books at a discount – and make money. Work part-time, full-time or just some of the time.  There isn’t any “catch” to give it a try!

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