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Homeschool Resources

Based on my personal experience of homeschooling all four of my children up to college and now as a Grandma of five preschoolers – I would be happy to recommend the best learning at home resources from PaperPie that would fit the needs of your children.

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Wisdom from Grandma…

When teaching your child at home it is important to not mimic traditional schools with strict schedules, boring textbooks, long periods of sitting at desks, lack of curious explorations and activities… and equally important to not replace school with screen time!

Find books about subjects that your kids have an interest in and use them to explore together. The goal is to make learning FUN to keep your children learning for a lifetime!

photo of a child with brown hair reading the Usborne That's Not My Lamb book
photo of a baby with brown hair reading the Usborne That's Not My Tractor

Overview of Usborne Encyclopedias…

Usborne has several different encyclopedias and reference books. Watch the video for a brief overview of their features and differences.


PaperPie Chapter Books

Summaries and reviews of select Kane Miller & Usborne chapter books by age order…

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