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Earn Bonuses & Trips

CLIMB Rewards

During your first 8 weeks in business as a Consultant with Usborne Books & More, you can earn EXTRA incentives.

This is in addition to your commissions, sales bonuses and overrides that you earn selling Kane Miller books and Usborne books.

Make a plan and earn all you can!

picture of the CLIMB rewards... bag, water bottle, cash, books
Image of books and cash with the words... EXTRA Rewards for promoting to Team Leader during CLIMB. $400 in Book Credit! $200 CASH! +commissions

Rewards for Promoting

As a Team Leader with Usborne Books & More you earn 8.5% override on your own and Central Group sales – so it only makes sense to work to promote as soon as you can!

If you STEP UP to Leadership during your CLIMB (first 8 weeks) you’ll earn up to $400 in book and $200 in CASH!

This is in addition to your commissions.

Usborne Books & More Home Office Challenges

Monthly Rewards

There are Home Office Challenges every month that are awarded when you achieve $1000 in sales (HOC1) and $2000 in sales + 1 recruit (HOC2).

These prizes vary and are sent out automatically when they are earned. It is the FUN mail to get!

picture of past Home Office Challenge prizes... duffle bag, cutting, grill tool set, kids lunch box, large rectangular bag tote
Tom & Becky Dean with the CEO/President of Usborne Books & More Randall White and his wife - along with another fellow Usborne Books & More Team Leaders on the beach in Aruba

Earn Fabulous Trips

Start your business strong by booking 2-3 online parties in one night. This gets your momentum going to earn a trip every year.

We have earn 30 trips for far with Usborne Books & More and can personally attest that they are worth earning!


Usborne Books & More Trip – ARUBA 2011 
The Top Producers earned a dinner on the beach with the CEO of Usborne Books & More. Pictured L-R: Tom & Becky Dean – Randall White, CEO/President – Kathy & Kyle Long

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An Usborne Books & More business is the perfect way to earn free & discounted books.

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Earning Trips with Usborne Books & More

Everyone starts out at the same spot – so every trip is very doable to earn. Just make and plan and do it. The trips are well-worth earning!

Tom & Becky Dean on horses on the beach in Acapulco
First trip… Acapulco
Tom & Becky Dean on a glass aerial bridge
Tom & Becky Dean with their son in the Mexican Riviera - palm trees and ocean beyond
Mexican Riviera
Tom & Becky Dean with Becky's mom in Scotland - a hill of green and yellow flower beyond
Scotland & London
Tom & Becky Dean standing on a balcony featuring unique Barcelona architecture.
Becky Dean and her son swimming in a pool with a waterfall in the background
Tom & Becky Dean standing in front of the Coliseum in Rome
Tom & Becky Dean and several Book Nation team members at the Newgrange tomb in Ireland - standing behind the very large entrance kerbstone with megalithic art engraved on it and the tomb in the background.

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