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Host a Party!

Earn free & discounted Usborne books and Kane Miller books…

Host a Home Party with PaperPie

You can earn LOTS of free and discounted Usborne books and Kane Miller books by hosting a party with PaperPie. With an average size show of $400, you can earn over $75 in merchandise allowance and $100 worth of retail books at 1/2 price. (+tax and shipping)

To host a PaperPie home party, simply invite friends over for a “Friends Night Out” to browse through the catalog, see some sample books and HAVE FUN! As a StoryMaker with PaperPie, we will share briefly what makes Usborne books unique, “must have” Kane Miller books, demo a SmartLab Toy and share money-saving options with PaperPie. Guests place their orders, and as the host you benefit by earning free and discounted Usborne and Kane Miller books.

Do you have a favorite charity? Host a charity party to raise funds and/or free books for the charity of your choice – PARTY for a Cause!

Sound easy? It is!

So consider starting your own business with PaperPie to do your own party. By doing so you’ll be able to earn DOUBLE free books! (for yourself and/or for your favorite charity) Plus, you’ll earn the commission as the PaperPie StoryMaker – $100 avg for every party!!

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ONLINE Parties with PaperPie

Are your friends in different states? Host an ONLINE PaperPie Party and invite all your friends – no matter where they live. 

We offer online PaperPie Parties via Zoom. When your friends are gathered in this online “livingroom”, the PaperPie StoryMaker will share a short presentation via a screen share about what make Usborne books and Kane Miller books unique – and then share quick shopping tips to help save you money with PaperPie. With a few online games thrown in, hosting an online PaperPie Party it is a fun way to see and talk to your friends across the country.

Book a PaperPie Online Party

Start Your Own PaperPie Story

Book a PaperPie Party or Join with Becky Dean, PaperPie Brand Partner. Questions? Call: (218) 744-2136