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How it Works

How to Start a PaperPie Business

Activate a PaperPie Account for $10

Your first step is activating an account with PaperPie for $10. Then from there…

Most start by hosting a party…

A host invites friends/family to come to their home or in an online platform (Facebook, Zoom). The PaperPie Brand Partner shares what makes Usborne books and Kane Miller books unique, and how to save money. The host earns a generous amount of free books and the PaperPie Brand Partner earns 25% commission.

You can offer DOUBLE FREE books…

During your first 8 weeks as a new PaperPie Brand Partner, you can offer DOUBLE FREE books for qualifying shows – with no cost to you. This extra incentive helps you get your calendar filled. Book parties right away to earn the EXTRAS in PaperPie’s rewards program!

Do I have to do parties?

It is YOUR business and you can work it how you choose! In addition to parties, PaperPie also offers… Book Fairs, Booth Events, Fundraisers, and Matching Grants. 

How Do I Receive Training?

Complete training is available on our team’s website. We have home show demo videos, or different options for virtual parties.

My favorite is Zoom virtual parties as it is more personal (when people see you they make more of a connection with you) and multiple parties can be done on one night to make more per hour. A tutorial video and sample Zoom Party demo is provided on our training website – as well as a PDF party presentation to screen share.

Our step-by-step training helps you build a successful business with PaperPie immediately, and is written from decades of first-hand experience as a top seller.

Will selling children’s books work in my area?

Families cut down on luxuries when money is tight, but not their children’s education. Plus, PaperPie Brand Partners can offer families incredible discounts and many ways to get Kane Miller and Usborne books FREE – the perfect fit for any economic area. Plus, homeschoolers love Usborne books! 

As an Educational Service Rep (extra kit purchase after you join), you also have a unique opportunity to sell to the fastest-growing, biggest market for children’s books – schools. Books are always a top spending priority.

Your business is YOUR business!

Everyone’s business with PaperPie looks a little different. Choose what best fits your personal preferences and budget needs.

HELP… I’ve never done any selling!

Don’t worry, neither had most other PaperPie Brand Partners before they started selling Usborne books. Your enthusiasm and personal experiences with Usborne books and Kane Miller books are enough to sell them.

” I love this business because we aren’t selling, we are SHARING the books. And once people see them – they want them all!”
Kathleen Rader – Team Leader

In addition, the other line PaperPie carries is Kane Miller books – a publisher that has name recognition in the school and library market and produces many award-winning books. The uniqueness and multi-cultural aspects Kane Miller books offer is appreciated by librarians, teachers and parents alike. The Shine-a-Light books from Kane Miller are best-sellers at both booth events and parties. 

Work for yourself 
not by yourself!

When you activate a PaperPie account you’ll receive a $20 book credit and your own shopping website featuring Usborne books, Kane Miller books and SmartLab toys.

Plus, when you join PaperPie with Becky Dean, you are provided with training that is written from 30+ years of field experience – available 24/7 on our Book Nation training website.

Our team members are also provided with printable business forms/flyers for each of our programs – developed from first-hand field experience. Book Nation team members have exclusive access — free of charge.

Team Member Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our team members have to say:

I have to tell you that your training is PHENOMENAL! I’ve been in direct sales for maaany years. I’ve been on luxury trips to Mexico and all sorts of things. But this is the best training I’ve seen.

J Bennett – Jacksonville, FL

The training site is great and so easy to follow!

A Vennaro – Utica, NY

The training is great. I’m doing a book drive right now, and it’s at $965! Love the concept…. Also, appreciated the training on virtual book fairs tonight.

S Derry – Olympia, WA

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