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Starter Kit Options

Save 25%

on Usborne books, Kane Miller books, Learning Wrap-Ups, and SmartLab Toys.

Activate a PaperPie Account for $10

You’ll earn 25% commission on every book you sell and/or buy at retail on your own website. (direct deposited the following week)

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Activate a PaperPie Account for $10


Starter Kit Options

Includes a $20 book credit, a personal website plus digital business tools for 6 months,
and the ability to start earning up to 25% in commission immediately.

Start Your Story Here text with images of computer and books on either side to illustrate it is a virtual kit.

Begin your story and join PaperPie, with Brand Partner Becky Dean.

Be in Business for Yourself – Not by Yourself

When you join PaperPie with Becky Dean, Senior Executive Leader, you are provided with proven training that is written from 30+ years of field experience as top sellers in the field – available 24/7 on our team training website.

Our team members are also provided with printable business forms/flyers for each of our programs – developed from first-hand experience. Our team members have exclusive access to these business tools — free of charge.

Activate a PaperPie Account for $10

Begin Your Story with PaperPie

Become a PaperPie Brand Partner to sell Usborne books, Kane Miller books and SmartLab Toys…

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