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As of 12-28-2022

Usborne Books & More is now… PaperPie

Due to a agreement update with Usborne Publishing in the UK, Usborne Books & More needed to change their name to better reflect their products. PaperPie offers Usborne books, Kane Miller books – and now SmartLab Toys.

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History of PaperPie

Formerly known as Usborne Books at Home and Usborne Books & More

Usborne books are produced in London by Usborne Publishing and distributed in the United States by the Educational Development Corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Home Business Division of EDC Publishing began its operation on March 1, 1989. The Home Business Division was previously known as Usborne Books at Home and then renamed Usborne Books & More when we added Kane Miller books. Then in December of 2022 it was again renamed to PaperPie to better reflect its offerings as EDC Publishing aquired SmartLab toys in 2022.

PaperPie distributes SmartLab Toys, Kane Miller books and Usborne books in the USA through its PaperPie Brand Partners who sell directly to the consumer via home parties, online book parties, website sales, book fairs, matching grants and fundraisers. Kane Miller books and SmartLab Toys are also sold as direct sales to the school and library market.

picture of... Stephen Cartwright illustrator of the Usborne Poppy and Sam series, Becky Dean Director with Usborne Books & More, Peter Usborne founder of Usborne Publishing, Randall White CEO of Usborne Books & More

L-R: Stephen Cartwright, illustrator of the Poppy and Sam Usborne book – Usborne Complete Book of Farmyard Tales
Becky Dean, Usborne Books & More Director
Peter Usborne, Founder of Usborne Publishing
Randall White, CEO/President of Usborne Books & More/Educational Development Corporation.

Usborne Publishing

“Founded by Peter Usborne in 1973, Usborne pioneered a completely new generation of entertaining, colorful and friendly non-fiction books. Since its foundation, Usborne has been the publisher that children themselves love for its humorous, factual and fun books.”

Usborne books have earned numerous awards and are recognized as industry leaders, following strict safety standards and ethical policies.

“…it is possible, without any sacrifice of quality, to produce non-fiction books as interesting and entertaining as television, magazines and comics – media that most children instinctively prefer.”

Peter Usborne, Founder of Usborne Publishing

How Usborne Books Were “Born”

Excerpts from an article that appeared in the Tulsa Tribune on October 8, 1986.

Peter Usborne of London is one of the world’s leading publishers of children’s books – almost all of them non-fiction…

Educational but great fun, too, is the idea of all the books we do.
Peter Usborne, Founder of Usborne Publishing


…“My wife announced that she was pregnant, and suddenly, it seemed the only thing worth doing in life was doing books for children,” he said… Since 1973, Usborne books have been conceived and created by editor/writers and designers in London, England and illustrated by artists worldwide.

We are selling knowledge and the the idea that acquiring it can be fun
Peter Usborne, Founder of Usborne Publishing

The question was how to convince a grade-school child to delve into a book on business management, archaeology, medicine. Usborne began with two theories. “I feel equal to my kids,” he said. It made sense to him that children should be addressed as equals.

Also, he said, “My theory is that children prefer most other media to books.” Usborne evolved a combination of quick, often witty text, bright colors in lots of cartoons and illustrations, packaged in 30 or 40 pages as light as a magazine. The result, he said:

“A book that, at first, doesn’t look like a book at all.”

…Usborne’s books are written by a 70 member staff, and illustrated by hundreds of artists in London. The books are written for age groups from preschool up. As it is, Usborne contends some of his children’s books are the best sources of quick information for grown-ups, too.

Kane Miller Books

In 2009, Educational Development Corporation acquired Kane Miller Publishing – the “more” in Usborne Books & More – now renamed to PaperPie.

Kane Miller specializes in award-winning children’s books from around the world and are primarily our chapter books and pictures books. Kane Miller is a publisher that has name recognition in the school and library market. Librarians, teacher and parents alike appreciate the multi-cultural aspects and uniqueness that Kane Miller books offer. Kane Miller’s Shine-a-Light books are huge sellers at book fairs and parties.

Make a Difference…
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“The American people are wanting better education for their children. That stimulates a demand for better children’s books.”

Randall White, President/CEO of Educational Development CorporationUsborne Books & More

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