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Submission Guidelines

Kane Miller Books – Usborne Publishing

Submission Guidelines

If you are an author or illustrator of a children’s book, follow the submission guidelines below.


Guidelines for Usborne Books

All Usborne books distributed by EDC Publishing are written, designed and illustrated in England by Usborne Publishing. We do not have any influence or input on the Usborne books which Usborne Publishing produces as we are Consultants for Usborne Books & More and not connected with Usborne Publishing – they are the publishers, we sell Usborne books they publish.



Guidelines for Kane Miller Books

Kane Miller Book Publisher was acquired by Educational Development Corporation in 2009 – they were the “more” in Usborne Books & More which is now known as PaperPie.

BOOK TOPICS that Kane Miller is currently looking for.

Kane Miller Book Publishing specializes in award-winning children’s books from around the world. Their goal is to bring the children of the world closer to each other, sharing stories and ideas, while exploring cultural differences and similarities.

The hope is that a child reading a Kane Miller book will “see parallels between his own life and what might be the unfamiliar setting and characters of the story. And that by seeing how a character who is somehow or in some way dissimilar – an “outsider”- finds a way to fit comfortably into a culture or community or situation while maintaining a healthy sense of self and self-dignity, he/she might be empowered to do the same.”

Prior to submission, if you are not familiar with Kane Miller, please invest some time on our website to determine if we’re the appropriate publisher for your work. As well, we recommend reading broadly from the kinds of children’s books currently being published.

While the majority of our titles originate from publishers outside the US, we are always looking for submissions that include great stories with engaging characters, especially the kinds that reflect our diverse world, as well as American subjects.

When writing about the experiences of a particular community, we will express a preference for stories written from a firsthand experience.

At this time, we are not considering holiday stories (in any age range) or self-published works.

Thank you again for your interest in EDC Publishing and Usborne books and Kane Miller books. We wish you every success in your writing endeavors.