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If you are not familiar with Usborne books & Kane Miller books, they are educational books designed to make reading & learning FUN!!


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Hello, I’m Becky Dean and I have been with PaperPie (formerly known as Usborne Books & More for 28+ years. As a homeschooling mom of four and now a grandma of eight, I have seen/read most of PaperPie titles. I am happy to assist you in picking out the best learning resources & FUN books for your family/as gifts – please reach out. It is my pleasure to serve you.


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Kane Miller chapter and picture books are featured in the catalog first – loosely grouped by ages. The last half of the catalog will be Usborne books.

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Put the FUN in Learning!

PaperPie has many FUN books to choose from…

Activity Cards & Flashcards – pick a card when kids are bored

Novelty Books – keyboard, xylophone, sound books and more

•  Hobby Books – embroidery, chess, magic,  and more

•  Magic Painting – just add water for a fun painting activity

•  Jigsaw Puzzles – 9 to 300 piece puzzles – all include a book

•  Sticker Books – most of these are reusable

•  Coloring Books – wonderful stress relievers for adults, too!

•  Shine-a-Light Books – read with a flashlight for pictures to appear

YES – you can teach your child to read!

You can give your child that “extra edge” by teaching them how to read. The first books in this boxed set helps you guide your child to learning the all the sounds in the English language so they can read.

Books 1-4 (2 titles each) introduce all the letters of the alphabet, in their simplest and most common forms of pronunciation (c as in cat, a as in ant, y as in yell, etc.) in simple one-syllable words. (pre-kindergarten – kindergarten)

Books 5-8 (2 titles each) introduce the sounds in English that are commonly written with two or more letters (ch as in chip, ai as in aim, etc.) (pre-kindergarten – first grade)

Books 9-13 focus on different patterns of spelling and pronunciation.

Books 14-15 focus on particularly tricky spelling patterns and longer words.

The last half of books in this set are level 1 and 2 readers to give them the reading practice they need to become a confident reader.


Usborne Encyclopedias Overview…

Do you remember sitting at home reading from the encyclopedia set when you were growing up? Encyclopedias cannot be checked out from the public library so having them in your home can help open the world to your children.

Usborne has several different encyclopedias and reference books. Watch the video for a brief overview of their features and differences.


PaperPie – “Stories Made to Share”

Reviews, summaries and inside pages of select Kane Miller & Usborne chapter books by age order…

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