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Discover the FUN of Reading!

We have several “Boredum Busters” to choose from!

• Activity Cards & Flashcards – pick a card when kids are bored

Novelty Books – keyboard, guitar book, sound books and more

Hobby Books – embroidery, chess, magic, gardening and more

Magic Painting – just add water for a fun painting activity

Jigsaw Puzzles – 9 to 300 piece puzzles – all include a book

Sticker Books – most of these are reusable

Coloring Books – wonderful stress relievers for adults, too!

Shine-a-Light Books – shine a light behind the pages

SmartLab Toys – STEM toys that encourage creative thinking

PaperPie“Stories Made to Share”

Chapter Books

Inside pages, summaries and reviews of select Usborne books and Kane Miller chapter books…


Usborne Encyclopedias Overview…

Do you remember sitting at home reading from the encyclopedia set when you were growing up? Encyclopedias cannot be checked out from the public library so having them in your home can help open the world to your children.

Usborne has several different encyclopedias and reference books. Watch the video for a brief overview of their features and differences.


Gift Ideas from

See a quick overview of Usborne jigsaw puzzles, Usborne Lift-the-Flap books and other gift ideas.

PaperPie“Stories Made to Share”

Books Featuring Diversity

Usborne books and Kane Miller books strive to create and procure well-written books featuring diversity. This video highlights three ways why diversity in children’s books is so important and how it can make a difference in children’s lives and the lives of others…

1) representation 2) empathy and 3) conversation/discussion starters…

“Making a Difference with Diversity” titles mentioned…

Babies Come From Airports – Extraordinary Lives – Axel and Beast series – Bethany Sings Out, Shine Series – Dr. Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System – Boy – Bully on the Bus – Jessica’s Box – All About Friends – Here and There – Home Sweet Home – Grandma’s/Grandpa’s Favorite – Polly and Buster series

Other recommended titles…

All About Feelings, Can I Join Your Club?, Red, Red, Red, Tale of Two Beasts, Keeping Things Going, Keeping Things Healthy, Patty Mills series, Anna Hibiscus series, Very First Questions & Answers series, Lightening Girl series, The Biggest Story, Lenny and Wilbur, Luna Loves Library Day, Luna Loves Art, Room on Our Rock, What a Wonderful Word… and many more!


Discover the FUN of Reading!… Usborne books, Kane MIller books, SmartLab Toys