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Copy/paste the sample emails below into a new email to send. Before sending, please replace or insert what is indicated in RED. Thanks.

1 – send 2 weeks prior to start date

SUBJECT: Our Book Fair is coming soon – here’s a sneak peek

Enter Dates/Times

Our PaperPie Learning Book Fair offering Usborne books, Kane Miller books and SmartLab Toys, will be held:


For a sneak peek, take a look at the catalog…

Make sure you choose our event to ensure we get credit for your order. Our school earns 50% of the sales in FREE books!

cover of PaperPie Usborne catalog fall 2023 - usborne books pictured on brown packing paper

2 – send 1 week before start date

SUBJECT: Books make great gifts. Why books IN the home matter.

Enter Dates/Times


Books are gifts that can be opened again and again!

Get all your gift shopping wrapped up at our school’s upcoming Book Fair!

Our book fair dates/times are:


Please share our eFair link with your friends & family now, as pre-sales are allowed – and our school earns 50% of the sales in FREE books. Thanks!

Shop Online at:


Studies confirm that the number of books in the home directly predicts reading achievement. Children who grew up with more books in their homes reached a higher level of literacy than those that did not.1

“Growing up in a home with 500 books would propel a child 3.2 years further in education, on average, than would growing up in a similar home with few or no books.

“Regardless of how many books the family already has, each addition to a home library helps the children get a little farther in school…”2

2-study published in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility –

3 – send 1 day before start date

SUBJECT: our Virtual Book Fair starts tomorrow

Enter Dates

Our school is hosting a Book Fair with PaperPie Learning on…

If you have not heard of PaperPie Learning, they offer top-quality educational Usborne books, Kane Miller Books & SmartLab Toys for kids of all ages. There are also jigsaw puzzles, magic painting books, Shine-a-Light (flashlight) books, Lift-the-Flap books… over 2000 titles are available with the majority under $10

See information and book videos at:

At the book fair, hundreds of books will be available for cash & carry. Or order online at…

Click on our school’s name to ensure we get credit for your order. Our school earns 50% of the sales in FREE BOOKS or up to 20% of the sales in CASH! Please share the link with your friends/family or forward this email so we can expand our reach and earn even more. Thanks.

4 – send in middle of book fair

SUBJECT: all genres of books have academic benefits

Please support our Book Fair… our school earns 50% of the sales in FREE books!

There are several activity books & puzzles that make fun gifts!

Come visit the book fair or shop online at…

All genres of books have academic benefits…

5 – send towards end/last day of book fair

SUBJECT: Reading Tips – our Book Fair ends soon

Enter End Date

Our school’s Book Fair ends soon…

If you can’t make it in person, shop online at…

And please share this link with friends as our school earns 50% of the sales in FREE books! Thanks for your help.


How to Develop Good Reading Habits

6 – send after book fair for add’l orders

SUBJECT: Book Fair has ended – but you may still order online

Use the end image that is more applicable to your organization’s demographics/ages

Our book fair has ended but you may still be able to order online at:

Our school earns 50% of the sales in FREE books.

Online Book Fair will end on:


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