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Dance Fundraiser

An Easy Dance Fundraiser!

Easy Fundraiser

Enjoy the easiest
Cash Fundraiser 
for your Dancers or Studio

As a dance parent (and former dancer) I know how the costs of classes, performances, and competitions can add up.  You are paying for travel, uniforms/costumes, classes and possibly intensives or workshops.

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an illustrated envelope with a sky blue paper sticking out with the words printed on it... - Cards for a Cause Fundraisers - A 43% Return

Finally – a fundraiser product that is useful and not over-priced!

The Cards for a Cause fundraiser product is boxed sets of 30 full-sized greeting cards with matching envelopes for $30 – that’s only a $1 per card!! Customers get a high-quality product at a reasonable price and the organization makes a 43% return.

4 Cards for a cause greeting card boxes used for fundraiser

Unlimited Potential – 43% Return Fundraiser

We don’t play the numbers game.  We are not a company that has tiered returns for our fundraisers-you earn 43% back from the first purchase.*  

Pay Competition Fees

Registration for competions can be spendy!  Let us partner with you to make them more accessible.  You can even use your funds to pay for Choreographers! 

Pay for Travel

We do not dictate how your funds are used.  Use it for flights, gas, hotels, food and more!

Pay for Uniforms

Use your funds for costumes, shoes, tights, and even those hair pins that everyone seems to loose!

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Scholarship Opportunity

Enable your students to pay for their individual needs.  Pay for classes, leotards, dance camps, etc!

This is one of the things
we do best. Dance Fundraising.

We love working with dance studios and teams.  We have partnered with several studios to fundraise and cover the cost of:

Competition Registration
Travel Fees 

Music Licensing
Rehersal Space
Professional Videos and Photos
And More!

Sample Group Size: 20 participants
Each person sells 20 boxes: 400 boxes sold = $5,200 raised
Each person sells 15 boxes: 300 boxes sold = $3,900 raised
Each person sells 10 boxes: 200 boxes sold = $2,600 raised
Each person sells 5 boxes: 100 boxes sold = $1,300 raised

*If your organization is not tax exempt, the amount due for taxes will be deducted from the total amount raised. There is a 15 box minimum to qualify as a fundraiser to earn $13 a box, the full 43% back.

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Meet Your Coach

Hi! My name is Amber Dean. I have been a dancer for over 30 years and I am proud to say
I am also a dance parent. I am passionate about working alongside studios and dancers to help them achieve their dreams. 

Dance is expensive.  Let me help.

Fundraising Question?  Send me a message!

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