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Jewish School Fundraiser

An Easy School Fundraiser!

Easy Fundraiser

Enjoy the easiest
Cash Fundraiser
for your school

As a parent I know how the costs of classes, tuition, and trips/special activities can add up. 

girl sitting at a school table cutting out an art project. 4 Cards for a cause greeting card boxes used for fundraiser. Jewish school fundraiser competition fundraiser. trip fundraiser

Finally – a fundraiser product that is useful and not over-priced!

The Cards for a Cause fundraiser product is boxed sets of 30 full-sized greeting cards with matching envelopes for $30 – that’s only a $1 per card!! Customers get a high-quality product at a reasonable price and the organization makes a 43% return.

4 Cards for a cause greeting card boxes used for fundraiser

Unlimited Potential – 43% Return Fundraiser

We don’t play the numbers game. We are not a company that has tiered returns for our fundraisers-you earn 43% back from the first purchase.*

Pay Tuition

When you are fundraising you have the option to choose for the funds to be delegated in a genral fund, or by student.  This can allow for families to raise money for tuition expenses.

Pay for Trips

Whether you are going down the street, across town, or to another city or country…Use these funds to pay for trips!

Pay for Special Projects

Are you fundraising for new equipment?  What about materials for the classroom?  The possibilities are endless.

Pay for Activities

Need uniforms?  Sports fees?  We don’t dictate how you use your funds.  You fundraise for what you need. 

This is one of the things
we do best. School Fundraisng.

We love working with schools. We have partnered with several schools to fundraise and cover the cost of:

Class Trips
Special Speakers
Outreach Projects
and More!

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Meet Your Coach

Hi! My name is Amber Dean. I am passionate about working alongside school to help them achieve their dreams.
Fundraising can be tricky. Let me help.

4 Cards for a cause greeting card boxes used for fundraiser

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