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Virtual Book Fairs

Earn Free Books or CASH with an Usborne Books & More Virtual Book Fair!

Usborne Books & More Book Fairs

Two reward options to choose from…



50% of the sales in FREE BOOKS for Virtual Book Fairs

25% of the sales in free books for Educational Service Rep staffed book fairs/$5 book fairs (available if location is local)

25%-50% of the sales in free books for Volunteer staffed book fairs

Free Books Virtual Book Fairs may stay open for up to 6 months

Minimum sales requirement for virtual book fairs is only $500 retail!


Fundraiser Book Fairs offer up to 20% of the sales in CASH!

10% of the sales in cash for Educational Service Representative staffed book fairs/$5 book fairs (available if location is local)

10%-20% of the sales in cash for Volunteer-Run book fairs in person and online  

     10% in cash for book fair sales between $750 to $1499.99
     15% in cash for book fair sales between $1500 to $2999.99
     20% in cash for book fair sales over $3000

CONTACT US for more details about our Virtual Book Fair Program: 218.744.2136

Minimum sales requirement for virtual book fairs is only $500 retail!

Virtual Book Fairs are Hassle-Free!

This is a “book fair” which happens entirely online. Customers shop for their books at a special web link which gives the school/organization credit for their order. Teacher Wish Lists can be connected to the eFair for parents to support their child’s classroom directly. Orders are typically shipped the next business day, directly to the customer.


• No volunteers needed to staff event – it is all online!

• Convenient shopping – website can be accessed 24/7

• S/H is 8%, $6.95 min (Ex: a $100 order ships for $8)
       Orders ship via UPS/UPS Sure Post so this is a great deal!

• All 2,000+ titles are available – without heavy lifting!

• No need to collect orders or monies from students

• No counting of monies or reconciling orders

• No sorting/bagging of books


Videos and social media images are provided for you to promote your Usborne Books & More Virtual Book Fair. The Usborne Books & More Educational Services Rep also provides masters of take-home flyers and posters for you to print for each student.

What schools say about Virtual Book Fairs with Becky Dean –…

Volunteers Needed to Run Virtual Book Fair

A “Book Fair Coordinator” is needed to…

Work with the Usborne Books & More rep by phone and email.

Copy/distribute Usborne Books & More book fair flyers to students.

Hang up posters and send emails to promote Book Fair.

Collect/submit free book orders from teachers and/or librarian.


A “Book Fair Cheerleader” is needed to…

Post info and videos on social media to promote Virtual Book Fair.

Explain the Virtual Book Fair in a school assembly or by classroom.

Coach teachers to encourage student and parent participation.

These can be the same person – or two different people, depending on personalities. Often a teacher or principal is the coach/cheerleader and the school’s administrative assistant or parent volunteer acts as the coordinator.

Select Free Books from Our Entire Product Line

As a host school, your free Usborne books and Kane Miller books can be chosen from the entire Usborne Books & More product line – a wide variety of ages and subjects, covering science, history, hobbies, nature, the arts and more. Usborne Books & More also offers Class A library bindings on most titles so a Virtual Book Fair is perfect for expanding school libraries and/or to sponsor an organization or charity.


Virtual Book Fair = Free Books or CASH!

Book a Virtual Book Fair with Becky Dean, Educational Services Rep with Usborne Books & More

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