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There is No “Catch”

Start YOUR Business – There is No “Catch”

Usborne Books & More is simply a FUN, Flexible & Financially Rewarding Business Opportunity!

UBAM Business Requirements

As a Consultant, there are no monthly minimums or books you “have to” buy when you start a business with Usborne Books & More.

Consultants that pursue the School & Library market will need to maintain minimal sales requirements to keep their school/library listings (to ensure they are being serviced). And Team Leaders need to have personal/team sales every 3 months rolling to be eligible for their overrides payouts.

But Consultants only doing parties or servicing daycares, preschools, or organizations… have no minimums to maintain.

No “Minimums” – No Maximums!
There really is no “catch”!! 🙂


Usborne Books & More offers EXTRA awards in the CLIMB program during your first eight weeks…

Book parties right away to earn these extras…
(in addition to your commissions!)

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More “Details” About Selling with Usborne Books & More

Usborne Books & More is a great no-risk business opportunity and we welcome you to give it a try.

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Usborne Books & More is Risk-Free!

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